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If you want to change your life for the better and start eating healthy, you must change your diet. In order to live longer you need to make sure to remove certain foods at all costs to transition into better health. Below you will find the list of 20 foods you should avoid if you want to live longer and healthy. Make sure to remove them from your pantry if you have any and start living a healthy long life.

1. Stop eating Margarine

Trans fatty acids are the cause of clogged arteries. Which in result restricts the correct circulation of blood and oxygen to our heart, thus causing heart attacks and early deaths. As you may see, it is not a friendly food to live longer.

2. Processed Meats

If you wish to live longer, you may want to rethink your love for processed meats. A research done in the past few years has shown that processed meats and its intake contributes to heart disease that can be fatal. As well as premature death and cancer.

3. Stop drinking Sodas and Soft Drinks

One soda will not likely kill you, but drinking soft drinks regularly will spike your blood sugar. Thus leading to excess sugar being transformed into fat and a higher obesity rate, as well as contributing to diabetes and an increase in high blood pressure reports all around the country. A study published in 2006 by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition concluded that the consumption of soft drinks may cause adverse effects on the mineral density of bones. But that’s not the only bad news if you’re looking for a way to live longer.

Earlier on, in 2001, another study published this time by Lancet, also concluded that ingesting daily sodas and soft drink beverages increase the obesity rate in children. The daily intake of up to two cans of soda will elevate the risk for young adults to develop diabetes, as well as the risk of developing gout in both adult men and women.

4. Stop using Artificial Sweeteners

They were always marketed to the consumers as the healthy alternative to sugar. However, the intake of artificial sweeteners will not only prevent you to live longer but will also damage your body. Many try to jump from sugar to artificial sweeteners in an attempt to lower their calories intake during diets. But recent studies have shown that the intake of artificial sweeteners can actually increase the risk of diabetes. This is because they also raise the blood sugar levels just as sugar would do, but they also additionally affect the immune system of our bodies.

5. Say no to Deep Fried Foods

A little goes a long way, but too much oil is bad for your arteries. And deep-fried food contains an extremely lot of oil and fats. Additionally, the process itself is slow, which allows for the food to absorb most of the fat used to deep-fry it.

6. Microwave Popcorn

Don’t worry! Popcorn itself is still a healthy snack to eat from time to time. The issue is not with the popcorn itself. The issue is the lining found in the microwaveable bags. The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which is in charge of food safety regulation has advised the below. Popcorn bags are lined using PFOA (chemicals), which keeps the grease from leaking on the dish. The problem is that these chemicals end up leaking into the popcorn instead when it is cooked.

7. Stop eating Canned Foods

Similarly, to the issue found in microwave popcorn, cans also have a dangerous lining. However, it is not PFOA. Cans are lined in Bisphenol A (BPA) which can leak into the food it contains. When consumed it can cause a huge list of health issues.

BPA can interfere with a proper regular and gene regulation in the body’s system. Which leads to early puberty, cancers, and obesity alike. The Human Reproduction journal published a study in 2013. Which confirmed that BPA that is consumed through food can lead to egg mutations. Which in result will lead to difficulties in having children. It also increases the risks of breast cancer growth in women.

8. Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are covered in preservatives, seasonings, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. It contains a lot of useless and harmful chemicals, but minimal nutrition. It provides very high levels of empty calories, a lot of sodium and fat. All these harmful mixes end up in your body when consumed. And if consumed frequently, they definitely will not help you to live longer.

9. White Bread

Starch is basically sugar once it reaches our body. It increases blood sugar levels, thus taking you at high risk of developing diabetes. Additionally, this same excess of blood sugar will also carry the risk of obesity, by turning into fat and being added to your body mass. Because of this, it is easier to gain weight. Starch itself does not have any nutritional value. Additionally, sugar is digested too fast in the body, which makes you feel hungry soon after. Because of this, it can lead to a higher calorie intake due to more hunger.

10. Soy Proteins

Almost the entirety of the Soybeans produced in the US is engineered genetically. In addition, they are sprayed with a protective herbicide to prevent weeds from forming. This spray is called glyphosate.

11. Sweet cereals

When these convenient meals are produced it goes through a range of processes to bring about the final product. During its processing, many ingredients are added, nutritious and harmful. The warning bells in your head should already be going off when you hear the word processed. Most of these cereals are loaded with added sugar and refined grains

12. Ice cream

To be classified as ice cream it has to contain more than 10% milk fat. But no ice cream is worth having if it doesn’t have its flavor. Thus ice creams are loaded with sugar. Milk fat is mostly cholesterol and saturated fats. This in itself should deter anyone with a history of heart disease to stay far away from this creamy treat. When a person’s cholesterol is too high, it builds up a fatty deposit in the arteries that can interfere and restrict blood flow. This, in turn, increases your chances of having heart failure or a stroke.

Because ice cream is so high in sugar and fat, the other obvious disadvantage is that it can make you overweight very fast. The sugar in the ice cream also causes you to crave more ice cream seeing that it spikes your blood sugar. Not long after consumption, one also begins to feel drowsy and one’s body craves another boost to stay awake.

13. Fruit juice

100% fruit juice is just that, the juice of fruit and it is super sweet and full of sugar. Many fruit juices contain as much sugar as fizzy soft drinks if not more. No matter how you look at it, too much sugar is bad.

14. Chewing gum

To start with, many chewing gums claim to be sugar-free, but to make them sweet, they use artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners, like aspartame, has been linked to brain tumors, birth defects, and cancer. This is enough reason in itself to stop chewing.

15. Energy drinks

Alcoholics and energy drink fans have one thing in common and that is the state of their livers. It was found that when a person consumes energy drinks on a regular basis, he quickly destroys his liver.



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