5 Indigenous Materials For A Filipino Home-REAL LIVING

To achieve a Filipino home, many homeowners are investing in locally sourced materials, indigenous picks, and pieces highlighting the unparalleled craftsmanship of Filipinos. From homes built using bamboo, the Filipino house has evolved into a modern structure, but you can still personalize it with carefully chosen details.

Whether you're in the process of completing your space or working on a makeover, you may want to work with materials that can be sourced all over the country. Here's a list to guide you and a couple of finds that are worth your hard-earned money:


Initially used as material for rope, the abaca found its way inside Filipino homes as a great material for furniture. The versatility of abaca, or Manila hemp, makes it easy to work with. Furniture makers and designers choose this material for their works because of its durability.

In photo: Kenneth Cobonpue's Croissant Sofa.

Coconut Shells

Coconut shell laminates are considered at par with the quality and appearance of turquoise shells or ivory. When you look at photos of homes—whether in magazines or online—a wide array of boxes, lamps, tabletops, chairs, household accessories, and even wall treatments make use of these materials.


Homes in the provinces often use bed frames, sofa sets, and tables made of bamboo—proving that it's a versatile must-have that designers and homeowners should consider. Aside from being used in different pieces of furniture, bamboo is also sturdy and can give your home a laid-back tropical vibe.

Capiz Shells

If you think about it, you have seen capiz shells in different homes, in various forms. These shells are often used in crafting wall art, decor, and even lighting fixtures. Invest in one piece and use it as a focal point in the living area or dining room.


Made of climbing palm tree leaves, the rattan is another favorite of many designers. Rattan furniture pieces have evolved over time—as seen in the works of acclaimed designers Kenneth Cobonpue and Ito Kish, to name a few.

In photo: Kenneth Cobonpue's La Luna.

PHOTOS: Jun Pinzon (Main) | Kenneth Cobonpue (Croissant Sofa and La Luna Chair) | Cordoba Interiors (Coconut Shells) | SunMoon Home Design (Kawayan Too Dining Table) | Michael Angelo Chua (Capiz Inlay on Wall). 



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