93% Christian Nation gives 87% support for a Leader who Mocks Christ-RT WORLD NEWS.BWORLD

‘God crucified? F**k, how unimpressive!’ Duterte says his Jesus would’ve burned all non-believers

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I’m God and you will crucify me?! Motherf**ker. I’d tell them: ‘Lightning, finish all of them. Burn all the non-believers’.

Duterte did not stop there, continuing his speech with an attack against veneration of the saints and the belief in their divine intervention. “Saint Catalina, Saint Anne, Saint Thomas, Saint Sebastian, Saint Rodrigo, they’re nothing… I don’t know them. Look, those documents were written –if at all– 3,000 years ago. Why would they care about our lives now.”

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Christianity in the Philippines

The Philippines ranked as the 5th largest Christian country on Earth in 2010,[note 1] with about 93% of the population being adherents.[1] As of 2019, it was the third largest Catholic country in the world (the first two being Brazil and Mexico) and was one of two predominantly Catholic nations in Asia (the other being East Timor).[2]

According to the National Statistics Office's national census for the year 2010, an estimated 90.1% of Filipinos are Christians which consists of 80.6% Catholic, 2.7% Evangelical, 2.4% Iglesia ni Cristo, 1.0% Aglipayan, and 3.4% other Christian groups including other Protestant denominations (Baptist, Pentecostal, Anglican, Methodist, and Seventh-day Adventist) as well as Orthodox. Around 5.6%[3] of the whole country is Muslim; about 1.0% to 2.0% are Buddhist; 1.8% of the entire population adheres to other independent religions, while 1.0% to 11.0%[4] are irreligious.[5]



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