CHINA:Fake Face Masks; COVID-19 Vaccine NOT FDA Approved Smuggled to PH; Fake Alcohol Maker Arrested

Revealed: Chinese companies flooded world market with fake face masks

Chinese manufacturers carried out a concerted campaign to flood the world market with fake face masks at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, De Tijd has revealed.

The paper reveals that importers were the first to be taken in by unscrupulous manufacturers in China, who stopped at nothing to convince them to buy masks, including fake certificates and even hand-stencilled EU approval signs.

When the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic began to spread across the world, many administrations were caught unawares. Not least in Belgium, where the health ministry had recently destroyed a strategic stock of personal protective equipment (PPE) because it was too old.

When the need for huge amounts of PPE suddenly became clear, there was nothing in stock. And as other countries found themselves in a similar position, the industry suddenly became a seller’s market, as demand outstripped supply.

The route was open for unscrupulous manufacturers to move in and win contracts right and left, secure in the knowledge that the emergency situation would make purchasing authorities less vigilant.

So it was, as De Tijd’s investigative reporter Lars Bové reveals this morning, that sellers stopped at nothing to move unsuitable masks to importers and intermediaries in Europe and elsewhere, relying on the arrival in the market of buyers who were perhaps lacking in experience in what had suddenly become a lucrative market.


Authorities captured Illegal manufacturer of Alcohol in Manila

Two people were arrested including the Chinese National, Robert Tiu Ten and one of the employees due to alleged illegal manufacturing of alcohol last Monday, in Tondo, Manila.

Police identified the Chinese suspect as the owner of the manufacturing establishment.

The operation was due to the complaints of the officials of Barangay 133 in relation with the illegal manufacturing of fake alcohols.

No business permit was issued to the establishment and chemicals used in producing the alcohol were not also approved by the Food and Drug Administration as said by National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Spokesperson Police Maj. Britz Estadilla.


Don’t buy that made-in-China COVID-19 vaccine—not yet

A vaccine said to be manufactured in China, with Chinese characters on the packaging, is reportedly being sold here by unscrupulous businessmen to overeager and gullible victims made to believe it’s safe and effective.

We knew there would always be enterprising businessmen who’d capitalize on the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) phobia, by smuggling into the country batches of these vaccines still under trial, and selling them at a premium. We warned readers about it, but we didn’t realize it would happen this soon.

Former Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral has already informed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director General Rolando Enrique Domingo, and we’re sure he’ll issue a public advisory about it.

Those who already had themselves vaccinated should also inform the FDA so they could be observed for any untoward reactions in the short and long term, based on the study protocol for that vaccine.

The vaccine being sold may not necessarily be fake, but one thing for sure is that our local FDA has not approved it yet for commercial use, since all clinical trials are still ongoing for the vaccines in the pipeline.

Some doctors in the Philippines could be taking part in the clinical trial for this vaccine, but the subjects should sign an informed consent that they’ve volunteered to be in a clinical trial to determine if the vaccine is really safe and effective. It should not be sold to the subjects, unlike what the supplier of this made-in-China vaccine is doing.


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