Critical Guidelines to Overcome Food Crisis during Luzon COVID19 Enhanced Quarantine

Global Standards To Overcome Food Crisis on COVID19 Pandemic Crisis

Overcoming food crisis

We are updating this to discuss what to look for in stores now in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please see our other posts about prepping, etc. We have lots of information.


Rice, quinoa, noodles

Beans, lentils, etc. in bags or cans

Canned meat such as SPAM, tuna, chicken, etc.

SpicesCanned fruit and vegetables

Dried fruit

Other foods you enjoy and that you eat regularly

What perishables to buy:

If you have freezer room, it may make sense to purchase some meat and frozen vegetables.

Buying to eat now:

In the meantime, keep buying what you usually buy.

Eat the fresh foods first.

Be sure to not waste; freeze in advance whatever you think you won’t be able to eat.

Other things to buy to be ready for a crisis

Refill your medicines.

In addition, if it makes sense for your situation, you may want to buy the following:





Cleaning supplies

First aid supplies

Buy only enough(not more than to give others the chance for others to get supply for any possible extension for the duration of the LOCKDOWN

However, you also need to think where to store it in your residence.

It helps if you purchase foods you usually buy and would have bought anyway.

How you can overcome food crisis and minimize the affect on your own family.

Usually within weeks of events, a domino-effect has already begun.

In the case of the Coronavirus, stores were seeing shortages of supply, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes in the last few weeks.

Availability and prices of many grain products, vegetables, and fruits will also be affected.

The ultimate results of the strain on supply and distribution channels remains to be seen.

If you’ve been postponing starting or stepping up your own food production or storage, now is a good time to move it to the top of your “to-do” list.

It’s easy to prepare for a food shortage in calmer times because everything is available.

To become prepared for this unlikely scenario, remember, no one knows how long this will last.

There is time to start any of the following things to overcome food shortage.

Foods for food storage

A storage program can include home canned and dehydrated foods as well as purchased groceries, including nut butters and other high protein foods like canned meats.

Warehouse and restaurant supply stores often have great deals on large bags of grains, dry beans, sugar, salt, and other basics.

You can buy multiple small packages and flats of canned goods when you find good deals at the local grocery store.

Eat them, the oldest first, and continue to replenish your supply. While you’re at it, remember to store water.

Preserve some fresh food to enjoy later

You can stretch out your enjoyment of local supply of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats throughout the year.

Look into other sources of fruits, vegetables, and herbs to preserve.

Visit your grocery store, farmers’ markets to buy.

Wash and dry the produce and chop it up.

Put it in freezer bags or plastic containers.

Remember to label them.

If you don’t have preserving equipment and know-how, get some now!

Learn how to can, freeze, and dehydrate.

It is essential to understand food safety guidelines, avoiding potential food poisoning by proper preservation.

Grow some vegetables, herbs, and fruit

Anyone can grow something to eat, you can grow some food even in a small pot for quick growing leafy vegetables.

The global economy

It’s scary out there, folks!

Most of us who have lived several decades have never seen anything like this.

Even many who have endured their nation’s major financial crises haven’t experienced such economic turmoil.

There’s no telling what will happen in the coming years.

But the writing is on the wall: “Times they are a’changing, and it ain’t gonna be pretty!”


It’s difficult to predict if Coronavirus / COVID-19 will lessen as spring approaches.

Experts still don’t know all that’s involved with it.

Quarantines and other events may cause it to become difficult to get food.

While you may be upset you haven’t started stockpiling, know that there is still food available in stores.

Before heading out, it’s important to make a list of what you want to add to what you will usually buy anyway. Then, be open to and flexible with choosing replacements.


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