Entertainment: Pinoy Fantasy Superhero Series That Sparked Excitement to Filipino Kids

Agimat: Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla

ABS-CBN presents Agimat: Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla (The Amulet: The Chronicles of Ramon Revilla) is a series based on the movies of Ramon Revilla Sr. of the 1990s and 2000s, which features the Filipino cultural belief in the powers of an agimat or amulet. The milieu of the characters and stories are primarily set in Cavite province where the belief in amulets remains strong to this day.

The Agimat series comprises four titles. Tiagong Akyat is played by Gerald Anderson wherein he has superhuman strength, speed, and the ability to climb high walls through his amulet that makes him invincible. Tonyong Bayawak is played by Coco Martin and has the abilities and characteristics of the bayawak (monitor lizard). Elias Paniki is played by Jake Cuenca who has the quest to destroy all witches and warlocks. Pepeng Agimat is played by Jolo Revilla, who fulfills the mission of killing the aswangs or vampires.

But during Season 2, it had now transformed into an afternoon mini-series as part of the Haponstatic block, now "Kapamilya Gold". Bianong Bulag is played by Jason Abalos a blind young man who gets a hold of an amulet that makes him a deadly sharpshooter, a special power he uses to help those in need. Kapitan Inggo is played again by Jolo Revilla which has the power to ward off bullets and conquer his enemies.

The series aired on ABS-CBN, locally available in the Philippines. The network announced that the Agimat series was unofficially cancelled due to poor ratings on March 18, 2011 as it was replaced by Wansapanataym. Installments that did not push through were Pepeng Kuryente and Boy Putik, which were supposed to star Ejay Falcon and Enchong Dee, respectively.

Hiwaga ng Kambat

Hiwaga ng Kambat (lit. 'Mystery of the Twin Bat') is a 2019 Philippine dramatelevision series starring Edward Barber and Grae Fernandez.[1][2] The series premiered on ABS-CBN's Yes Weekend! Sunday block from April 21 to August 25, 2019, replacing Wansapanataym.

A twin was born in a partner who was cursed so that their child will turn into bats. The curse came true, as baby Twins were born. One looks normal, but inherited the hot-blooded and impatience traits of a bat, another looks literally a bat, complete with blind eyes and strong sonar and enhanced hearing. The bat-shaped baby was abandoned in a farming town, while keeping the human baby. Many years later, the twins grew differently. Iking being kind to his family, despite being cursed to transform into a bat on night. While Mateo inherited his father's vile attitude, matching his impatience and hot-bloodedness. Their fates and rivalry got intertwined when Iking goes to Mateo's school.

Pedro Penduko

Pedro Penduko at ang Mga Engkantao (lit. 'Pedro Penduko and the Enchanted People') is the fifth season of Komiks.[1] and is the second installment of the Pedro Penduko comics series. In this story, Pedro will not be the only one who will fight the evil Kalagua. He would be with the five chosen "Engkantao".

High school is finally over for Pedro (Matt Evans), and with it, he is about to leave Tulay Buhangin for college. Pedro and Lola Maria (Gloria Romero) found their way to his Lolo Pedro's boarding house at the University Belt, where Pedro is hoping to lead a normal life as a normal student. Except that, a normal life is not really an option for Pedro.

In the first place, Lolo Pablo (Cris Daluz) is not your average grandfather – he gets visions of spirits. And his latest vision is a frightening one – the demon Kalagua has escaped from her prison and is determined to find the chosen Engkantao - a half-human, half engkanto hybrid - whose power can bring her to Floreshka. Once in Floreshka, he intends to destroy the kingdom and all engkantos protecting the human race - and begin the last apocalypse.

Kapitan Boom

Lance Mercado has a secret superhero alter-ego: "Kapitan Boom". Lance's grandmother, Lola Gretchen (Gloria Sevilla), & his best friend, Bukol (Thou Reyes) are the only people who know about his abilities. During emergencies, Lance assumes another personality as Kapitan Boom (Jon Avila), the superhero dedicated to fighting the forces of evil.

Lance continues his normal life as a college student until he falls in love with a classmate, Melody (Maja Salvador). He struggles with his self-esteem issues to win her heart, but Melody already has her eyes set on Kapitan Boom. Melody eventually accepts Lance as a friend, but he may not be able to tell her that he is Kapitan Boom.


Varga is a fantasy series on ABS-CBN adapted from the creation of Mars Ravelo. It is the second installment of the anthology Mars Ravelo's Komiks Presents.[1]

Varga is an alien princess ghost who finds herself drawn to planet Earth. Gifted with beauty, superpowers and a voluptuous body, she meets a young girl named Olga, and together transform into the hero Varga, where they defeat evil and save the world.

Princess Vara is from Planet Vargon, home to a race of powerful beings from outer space. Due to the destruction of her home planet, Vara is saved and lands on Earth, however, she only exists in ghost form. On Earth, she meets a young human girl name Olga, who is the only one who can see her, due to her kind heart. Under Olga's influence, Vara falls in love with the people of Earth.

These two women's destiny are meant to be merged - literally. Upon a shout and a touch, the violet-colored ghost Vara unites with the human child Olga, fused into one person in a single body: the superheroine Varga. Together, Vara and Olga begin their journey to become a real hero, and to defeat earth's enemy, Xandra - an evil woman who preys on the youth and beauty of others to stay young and beautiful.

Tiny Tony

Tiny Tony is a Philippine fantasy series on ABS-CBN adapted from the creation of Mars Ravelo. It's the third installment of the anthology Mars Ravelo's Komiks Presents. It is directed by Dondon Santos. It is based on Mars Ravelo's Pinoy superheroes and follows the success of the Kapitan Boom and Varga series.[1] The Ravelos commissioned Reno Maniquis some years back to re-design Captain Barbell, Flash Bomba and Tiny Tony's costumes for modern times.

Anthony “Tony” Aniscol (John Prats) was single-handedly raised by his Nanay Eden (Susan Africa). Because of his superior intelligence, Tony got his PhD at a young age and was taken in by scientist Dr. Morgan Peralta (Pen Medina) as a laboratory assistant. While Tony becomes friends with Dr. Morgan’s daughter Michelle (Alex Gonzaga), he is despised by the doctor’s son Joaquin (Coco Martin). After a laboratory accident kills Dr. Morgan, Tony finds himself shrunk to a mere six inches. While he struggles to get back to normal, Tony must face enemies like the Indian Warrior Red Cloud (Arron Villaflor) and the greedy Joaquin. Can Tony get himself out of trouble? Will he ever get back to his Nanay Eden and Michelle? How is the rich philanthropist-politician Gil Gante (Mura) connected to his predicament.


Dragonna is a Filipino superhero television series broadcast in ABS-CBN, based on the comic book character Dragonna created by Mars Ravelo. Shaina Magdayao plays the titular superhero with Jake Cuenca as her love interest. The series is about a teenage girl who discovers that she has pyrokinetic abilities and decided to use this newly found ability for a greater good. She releases this ability every time she loses her temper.

Two superheroes meet as the heroine Dragonna bids goodbye in her last fight and the bombastic Flash Bomba begins his adventure.

Tomboyish Olive (Shaina Magdayao) comes from a race of Tagon or Taong Dragon with a blood of a dragon thru her family. Olive will discover that she has the power to create fire. Olive dons her costume: Dragonna. Rona's real name is Olive and acquired her own identity to transform into a female taong dragon. Can Edgar actually carry out his plan without falling in love with the feisty girl but will he fall in love with Rona?

The three firemen namely Narcisso (Bayani Agbayani), Elmo (Long Mejia) and Junior (Arnold Reyes) will discover that water will prevent Rona's "hot" temper because of the argument that Rona and Edgar (Jake Cuenca) got into. Olive/Rona turned into a superheroine called; "Dragonna", to meet up with her brother Rafael.

Flash Bomba

Flash Bomba is a superhero television series by ABS-CBN based on Mars Ravelo's Pinoy Superheroes. Dubbed as the “Superhero for All Seasons”, Flash Bomba stars Luis Manzano and his alter-ego is Roldan Legazpi/Flash Bomba, a man who overcomes a physical disability resulting from a hunting trip accident and becomes a crime fighter. The Ravelos commissioned Reno Maniquis some years back to re-design Flash Bomba's costume for modern times and he also did the logo design for Flash Bomba.[1]

Two superheroes meet as the hot heroine Dragonna bids goodbye in her last fight and the bombastic Flash Bomba begins his adventure.

Super Inggo

In Super Inggo 1.5: Ang Bagong Bangis, Budong/Super Inggo continues his exciting journey as the ultimate Pinoy kid superhero. Can the power of his pure, kind heart overpower his haunting past? Will this be enough for him to save his family and friends from the Prince of Darkness and his legions?

What is the measure of a true superhero? This is the question that our young protagonist will try to answer in Super Inggo 1.5. Budong and his family have now transferred to the town of San Roque after fleeing their old town Sto. Nino, which was attacked by giant monsters. He will meet Lola Facunda, the mother of Pacita and Super Inday; as well as new friends such as Bokia, the talking cellphone (a play on the cellphone brand, Nokia ); and Chin-Chin Tsinelas, Budong's crush.

Volta (TV series)

Volta is a Philippine television series on ABS-CBN, which was broadcast from January 26 to March 15, 2008.[1] The series is a serialization of the 2004 film, Volta, produced by Star Cinema.[2] It was a regional semi-finalist for the 2008 International Emmy Awards under the Comedy Program category.

Volta, the Queen of Lightning kicks bad guys with her two children, 220 (Salty) and 110 (Pepper). Her husband, Mark, does not have superpowers and is unaware that his wife Perla is the superheroine Volta on whom he has a crush. The family live a complicated life of secrecy and double-secrecy as Volta tries to balance her life as a superheroine and a homemaker.

Aiding her in her complicated life are her best friends Din-Din and Nancy. Complications rise when a villainous "family" surfaces to darken Volta's days and move in on Perla's neighborhood as their next door neighbor. Will Volta ever win against her evil nemesis? Will her family find true happiness?

In the end, Volta sacrifices herself to the thunder elemental to save the world. However, before the last episode closes, a glimpse of her archenemy's hair is seen at a government cloning facility in Batangas.


Krystala is a Philippine fantasy/sci-fi/adventure/soap opera serial (superserye/fantaserye) from the Philippines, where it was produced by and aired on ABS-CBN from October 11, 2004 to April 22, 2005. The show also aired simultaneously on The Filipino Channel and on a one-week delay on International Channel (now AZN-TV) in the United States.


Imortal (lit. 'Immortal') is a Philippinetelevision drama produced by ABS-CBN starring John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin. This series was aired from October 4, 2010 to April 29, 2011. It is the sequel to the 2008 fantasy series, Lobo.

Marina (2004 TV series)

Marina (sometimes stylized as MARiNA) is a Philippine television drama fantasy series broadcast by ABS-CBN, starring Claudine Barretto. It premiered on February 23, 2004. The series ended on November 12, 2004 with a total of 188 episodes.

Marina takes the viewer on the fairy-tale adventures of the mermaidMarina. Born as Cristina to human parents Esther and Elias, Marina falls victim to a curse by Victoria, a sea deity disguised as a normal woman. Seeking vengeance on Elias, who spurned her love and married Esther, Victoria cursed their daughter. In the hopes that Victoria would lift her curse on the child, Elias leaves Esther but eventually falls into insanity. Esther, on the other hand, was left to raise Cristina alone. When the curse came true and the child turned into a mermaid on her seventh birthday, Esther realized that Cristina's life would be endangered in their superstitious fishing village, where mermaids are believed to be unlucky. As such, Esther is forced to release Cristina in the sea, where she is found and cared for by the mermaids headed by Istah, their beauteous queen.

Panday (2005 TV series)

Carlo J. Caparas' Panday or simply Panday (transl. Blacksmith) is a Philippine fantasy television series on ABS-CBN. The pilot episode of the first book (Panday: Unang Yugto) aired on November 7, 2005 replacing Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin and ended with its last episode on December 9, 2005. The second book (Panday: Ang Ikalawang Yugto) aired its pilot episode on April 3, 2006 and ended with the series finale on May 26, 2006. The series is based on the fictional comics character of the same name, which was created by Carlo J. Caparas and illustrated by Steve Gan.


Dyosa (transl. Goddess) is a Philippine fantasy series (fantaserye) on ABS-CBN and starred by Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo and Luis Manzano and was directed by Wenn V. Deramas.[1] It aired from August 11, 2008 to January 16, 2009.

Dyosa tells the story of Josephine who grew up unaware of her true identity as the "Takda" (Chosen One) and how she learns of her lineage and destiny in the world of gods and goddesses. The Takda who hails from the Kabanua is chosen to save humankind from the imbalance brought about by the evil forces of Kasamyans. Josephine lives in the world of mortals where she meets a comic illustrator, Mars (Zanjoe Marudo) from Makiling Publishing who draws the fate of the Dyosa with the powers from the sky, earth, and water - Cielo, Tierra, Agua. Unknown to Mars, Josephine is the same as Dyosa whom he has fallen for in the form of Dyosa Cielo. Cielo is torn between her love for the mortal life - the mortal, Mars - and her duty as Takda.


Bagani, (sometimes stylized as BAGANI transl.  warrior), is a 2018 Philippine drama televisionfantasy series, starring Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, Matteo Guidicelli, Makisig Morales, and Zaijian Jaranilla. The series originally aired on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel from March 5 to August 17, 2018,


Lastikman is a Philippine action dramedy fantaserye based on Mars Ravelo's comic book character of the same name. The show initially aired on ABS-CBN from September 24, 2007 to January 25, 2008 replacing Margarita. Vhong Navarro played the title role.[1][2] The story follows Miguel (Vhong Navarro) who transforms into a superhero who came from another planet.

Lastikman received the highest average rating (36.4%) for a Philippine television series in 2008 according to NUTAM

Agua Bendita

Agua Bendita (lit. 'Holy Water') is a 2010 Philippineromanticfantasy-dramatelevision series based on the Liwayway Komiks comic book series of the same name created by Rod Santiago and directed by Malu L. Sevilla, Claudio "Tots" Sanchez-Mariscal IV, Don M. Cuaresma and Jojo A. Saguin. The series stars Andi Eigenmann in her dual role as twin sisters Agua and Bendita Cristi,[1][2][3][4] together with leading men Matteo Guidicelli and Jason Abalos, with an ensemble cast consisting of Vina Morales, John Estrada, Pilar Pilapil, Alessandra De Rossi, Dimples Romana, Carlos Agassi, Pen Medina, Malou Crisologo, Jason Gainza, Malou de Guzman, Bing Loyzaga, Zaijan Jaranilla, and Zoren Legaspi in their supporting roles. The series premiered on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida nighttime block from February 8 to September 3, 2010


Kokey is an ABS-CBNfantaserye which was premiered on Primetime Bida from August 6, 2007 to November 9, 2007.

An alien named Kokey from the planet Yekok had crash-landed on Earth in his ship. He eventually befriends a young orphan named Bong, and he helps Kokey to fix his ship so that he could return to planet Yekok. Kokey also befriends other people - Anna, the sister of Bong, Abie, an aspiring pilot who helped build Kokey's ship, and Peping. Meanwhile, Kokey's enemy, Korokoy, followed him to Earth in order to find a crystal which Kokey values the most. Bong, Anna, Abie & Peping must help Kokey to find the lost crystal, fix his ship in time, and defeat Korokoy. One night, as Kokey & the others were sleeping on a leaf (on their many adventures, they shrank at one point), Bong stayed awake & looked up at the sky, thinking sadly about his friend Kokey & what his life would look like without him (when he leaves for planet Yekok in the distant future). After singing a quite sad song about Kokey, he finally drifts off to sleep. The next day, they continue their search for the crystal. They encountered many mysteries & many problems they had to solve, but eventually they found the crystal & defeated Korokoy. Kokey's mother, Kakay, soon went to Earth to help her son. It turns out that Kokey's father, Kokoy, & Korokoy were enemies too. When they had found the crystal & defeated Korokoy, he said his final words: "I shall come back again!". Then Kokey & Kakay went off to Yekok in their spaceship. Once they were high in the night sky, his mother asked him, "Where's the crystal?" Then Kokey looked around & was alarmed to find out that he left the crystal with Bong! When his mother found out, they both cried, "AAAAAAAAAH!" as the spaceship flew away.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_programs_broadcast_by_ABS-CBN

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