Filipino Comics Creators Shares a Sample of their Work You Can Read Online for Free

Indie Comics in the Philippines are not too known to other market except for Comics Fans groups, clubs and comics events enthusiasts.

With this limitation of exclusion fan base, the Philippines Comics creators is sharing some of their works to more wider audience online to help the Philippine Comics get wider audience that will help in marketing strategy for Pinoy Indie Comics.

Sharing an issue online is a wise move specially all events now are on hold due to the pandemic. People need to see your work or even a sample of it so this can turn into sales on your other works.

Filipino Comic Books You Can Read Online For Free

Read some local comics while you're at home!

Looking for some new content to get you through this daily stay-at-home scenario? Try immersing yourself into these comic panels! As we all wait for this lockdown to be lifted, the limitless content on the internet is a huge blessing for us who are trying to adapt with the current situation at home. There are films, TV shows, music, and even theater plays that one could spend their free time with, but for the Filipino comic book fans, the best way to while away the time is, of course, reading comics! That's why we've rounded up some of the free Filipino comics that you can read online for free! Pick one, tap the title, and enjoy reading!

Wonder Boarders: The Viral Crisis Issues 1 & 2 (of 3)

By SpiderDan Geromo and David Sysing

A Filipino superhero team called the Wonder Boarders must team up with other heroes to stop the evil of plot of the celestial parasite Nevirus.

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Fluttering, Fleeing, and Freeing

By Sean Sonsona

This short comic book will make readers witness mesmerizing horizons and captivating sceneries.

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Doorkeeper Graphic Novel

By Ethan Chua, Scott Lee Chua, and various artists

An anthology of stories following the Filipino's journey throughout history, embedded with elements from our local mythology.

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By Jap Mikel

binabae's battle for sexual identity under the Spanish colonial rule in the country.

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By Marianie

A vibrant yet heartwarming short story about Cupid's counterpart– the Dark Cupid, who pulls out the arrows for people trying to move on.

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Tabi Po Issue 1

By Mervin Malonzo

The dark tale of Elias– a man who wakes up inside a tree, his memories veiled by a thick haze. All he knows is that he is feeling hungry, and only raw flesh and blood could satisfy it.

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Darna Lives!

By Gerry Alanguilan and Arnold Arre

A fan-fiction work from veteran comic book creators, Arnold Arre and the late Gerry Alanguilan where Narda has forgotten about her heroic alter-ego and now lives a resentful life.

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UGH Issues 3 to 5 and April & May Forever

By Hulyen

Hipster Hulyen's hilarious zines about random things best described by its onomatopoetic title: Ugh.

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Nang Mainlove Ako Sa Isang Sakristan

By Richard Mercado

A love story between a school boy and an altar boy who set out on a journey of self-discovery.

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Free comics from Dani Chuatico

Artist Dani Chuatico shares six heartfelt stories based on real-life experiences.


Salamat Ming-Ming By BK Peña

A tearjerking short story about a dog who just wanted to protect his humans.

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Originally Posted in but due to some Comics that are no longer available online, the Article is the latest updated post on July 24,2020.

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