Filipino Heroes Rise in the Eyes of Today's Filipinos. There is Hope.

Tumindig ang balahibo ng Netizen nang Matuklasan na maraming Pilipino ang nagmamahal sa Bayan. Nakita ito sa pag Kontra sa Awitin ng iisang Dagat na taliwas sa kasalukuyang pananakop at pag angkin ng Tsina sa mga Teritoryo ng Pilipinas.

Nabuhay muli ang pamana ng mga bayani na kabayanihan sa Pilipino.

Imelda Papin's "Iisang Dagat" gets over over 100K dislikes and counting on YouTube

Netizens are not happy with "juke box queen" Imelda Papin singing a COVID-19 tribute written by the Chinese ambassador.

Camarines Sur vice governor and OPM icon Imelda Papin found herself at the top of the trending list on Twitter Philippines today, April 25 for what seems to be the wrong reasons.

In case you didn't know, she lent her voice to the song "Iisang Dagat" which was written by Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian.

But a quick check on the YouTube page ChinaTown TV shows that majority of netizens who reacted did not approve of the COVID-19 tribute. The said video has received more than 101,000 dislikes at this writing and still counting.

People on Twitter called the music video "distasteful" and some sort of "propaganda," and are disappointed with Imelda Papin's decision to be part of it.


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