One of the many indirect, but extremely serious, problems of obesity that negatively affect others. All national, even global, problems are connected kasi because an individual human being is a part of a country/planet as a whole. Kaya kahit personal na problema can be a national and/or global concern.

Imagine, lalong nahihirapan ang mga bumbero sagipin ang buhay ng mga sasagipin nila sa sunog kapag obese - hirap sa pagbuhat, apektado ang bilis ng kilos nila, baka kelanganin pa lakihan lagusan para makalabas o hanap ibang lagusan, etc.

Araw-araw pa naman may sunog, I hear them everyday sa labas ng condo namin.

Reality yan. If you are obese, imbes mag-inarte ka sa news na yan o sa shared post ko na para bang kinakawawa ka, na hindi naman kasi tinutulungan ka nga namin na ma-realize, wag ka ng mag-inarte sa katotohanan na yan - not everyone can deliver messages like a saint. Okay lang to put yourself at risk kasi buhay mo yan pero to put others in the same position is selfish - too selfish, too self-entitled.

Di lang yan ang indirect problems ng obesity. Marami pa but let us focus on that sa shared post na to para di labu-labo ang info.

This is why I am personally advocating for an #ObeseFreePH and through LCIF FB Group and the LCIF Association, with the people and organizations that support me, my domains and my advocacy, the chances of me achieving this is significantly higher than me doing it alone.

So to all the supporters, thank you! Let us achieve more this coming 2020! The vision of LCIF is clearer next year! Keep improving, keep inspiring!

-Coach Dave Aguila-

This is both disturbing and tragic. Front page story of the i today reveals the fire service are being increasingly used to carry severely obese people out of their homes and into a waiting ambulance. I was asked to comment.

Dr Aseem Malhotra, a NHS cardiologist and anti-obesity campaigner, said: "These latest staggering figures are a tragic symptom of our collective failure to tackle the obesity epidemic on a population level.

"A combination of incorrect government dietary advice encouraging a high refined carbohydrate diet exacerbated by an unavoidable junk food environment has led to the majority of adults in this country being overweight or obese.

The increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes in particular is not just a strain on the health service, the costs of which make up 10 per cent of the NHS budget but lost productivity to the economy from the condition costs the UK billions a year.

"Until the government introduces strict measures that addresses the availability, affordability and acceptability of ultra processed foods which now makes up half of the British diet the situation will only get worse and we all lose."


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