Hair Product Ashley Shine Slammed For Claiming Manila Is Part Of China

ASHLEY SHINE – A Facebook netizen shared a photo of a hair product called Ashley shine that put Manila as a part of the People’s Republic of China.

Looking at the box itself, everything seemed pretty standard. However, once you flipped the box over and looked at the back, you could see something very peculiar.

“Manufactured for Elegant Fumes Beauty Products Inc. Address: 1st floor. 707 Sto Cristo St. San Nicolas, Manila Province, P.R. China”

Because of this, netizens got riled up and slammed the manufacturers of the hair product listed as a Keratin Treatment Deep Repair.

Image from: Michael Angelo M. Reyes

Due to the massive public outcry, the company distributing the products Elegant Fumes Beauty Products Incorporated posted their own photo that showed the same product. However, the difference was the “Manila Province, P.R. China” part was missing.


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