India’s First Biodegradable Plastic

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Photo by: The Epoch Times

For the first time in India, scientists from IIT-Guwahati have developed biodegradable plastic with the help of homegrown technology.

In a country where rising pollution levels remain a serious areas of concern, the innovation comes as a major shot in the arm for solid waste management.

The biodegradable plastic has been developed by IIT-G’s Centre of Excellence-Sustainable Polymers (CoE-SusPol), which is funded by the department of chemicals and petrochemicals under Union ministry of chemicals and fertilizers. The centre has already developed kitchen cutlery, household furniture and decorative items including flower pots and toys using this non-biodegradable plastic variant.

“Ours is the only centre in India which is carrying out research on biodegradable plastic. Though the US has been a major producer of biodegradable plastic, the production costs there are very high. But our team has managed to achieve this with lower costs by using homegrown technology. This is cutting-edge innovation and a remarkable achievement,” CoE-SusPol coordinator and principal investigator of the project, Vimal Katiyar, told TOI on Saturday. He added that the biodegradable plastic, which has passed the hot-beverage test, is unique because it has no hazardous chemicals.


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