This is another important issue that gets many thrown into the Facebook Block.

Although Facebook has no specific number of groups you can push posts to daily, it is only ideal that it flags any account that overdoes it. When you post to 500 groups daily with a single Facebook account, it clearly shows that you are either SPAMMING or TROLLING. In the real world, it wouldn’t have been possible to manually post to over 500 groups in a single day without the Facebook police taking note of you.

Our recommended number of groups to post daily is 1- 50 per Facebook account.

Although we have tested posting to over 120 groups per Facebook account without getting flagged with the right posting time interval and unique URL in place.

however, things are changing and Facebook is getting more strict. We recommend a maximum of 50 groups to Pilot Poster users because our goal is to never have a member in Facebook Block for any reason relating to the use of our service.

Not only groups just check out our Quora Blog Post Facebook jail avoiding and safety guidance to avoid block by Facebook as 2017 UPDATE as follow:

1. Verify your Account with a Mobile Number (New)

2. Post Time Intervals

3. Number of Groups to Post Daily Per Facebook Account

4. Change Photo and URL of a Re-Scheduled Post

5. Don’t Post to Unknown Pages (Or Competitor’s page)

6. Stop Posting to Groups that won’t Approve your Posts

7. Avoid Running Multiple Actions

8. Other Factors that could get you into Facebook Jail

Never post anything in more than two groups because it can raise the spam flags.

First make sure that you are posting any spam content that will not following the Facebook policy & if you are posting forcefully to groups then Facebook will ban for few days.

If you post something on a few groups it is not a problem, but do not start to spam because you will be blocked as not respecting Facebook Community Standards.


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