Time comes unexpected when we will face our Creator. But when that time comes, We should be ready to embrace It and put all our trust in God.

Trust that God will always take care of our love ones left behind.

For those left behind, this is not an immortal world.

Find purpose and meaning in life and use your love ones as inspiration on continuing their legacy, the legacy to help and love others.

That is the legacy of Kobe Bryant. Since Day 1 of his mission to help others, that should have already planted a seed in you and now let it grow and be fruitful.

When your end is also near, make sure you were able to be as much as fruitful as the one who planted in you a seed.

Rest in Peace to a Global sports Icon.

May you find peace in the Hands of the Creator.

We know you are smiling, because you already found peace.

Prayers to your family You will remain in the hearts of people.

You will be remembered.

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