Rodrigo Duterte photographed with suspected Chinese ‘drug lords’-South China Morning Post

A former anti-narcotics official who wrote a report on two suspected Chinese “drug lords” said he sent the document to officials, but was unaware if any government action had been takenOne of the men had allegedly set up a meth lab in Davao, where Duterte previously served as a long-time mayor before taking office

“In my investigation, I discovered that our president ... is often accompanied by two people deeply involved in illegal drugs,” Acierto said in a video message shown to reporters before he appeared at a news conference in Manila.

“What popped into my mind at the time was maybe the president isn’t aware that these are suspected drug lords,” said Acierto, who was a veteran anti-narcotics official before he was dismissed last year by an anti-corruption agency.

Acierto’s allegation comes after Duterte on March 15 publicly named 46 government officials, including three congressmen, he said are involved in illegal drugs, and added that criminal investigations against them are underway.

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