Share a prayer for 14 Filipino Fishermen who lost their lives at Sea.

Dear God,

Our country is mourning for the loss of our Fishermen.

The brave souls who went out to see, but never came back.

Years of providing for their family, risking their lives for their love ones.

We are struggling with so many deaths in this pandemic,

But we also need to mourn for our beloved Fishermen.

They are the symbol of our hope,

Our bravery,

Our courage,

and our faith.

We are deeply saddened.

We pray that you take care of their family

That we Filipinos help each other to take care of their love ones.

We hope to record this in history and never forget their sacrifice.

They did not just sacrificed for their family.

They sacrificed for this country.

Our nation mourns for their loss,

We humbly offer this prayer to you that they may never be forgotten.

-The Filipino People-

The family members of the 14 missing fishermen gather for a prayer vigil at Irma Fishing and Trading Inc. in Malabon on Wednesday.

The fishermen went missing after their fishing boat collided with cargo ship Vienna Wood and sank off the coast of Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro.


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