Social "ME"dia is and will always be a ME time.

The Editor's Article

Technology changed the tides of time.

A call for change affected by an already shifting and changing times of technology. The voices of people are just words on the screen of a phone or laptop and gadgets,but when turned off is just plain empty screen full of blackness.

People have evolved to adapt to the times of survival and extreme resiliency. The tolerance has outmatched the pain and suffering. One sector calls today is for their own and fast gone like it was yesterday even before that same day ends. Technology created numbness that daily regression is like a nation's normal speed in preserving sanity.

Waking up to all these fast phase of incompetence and negligence is like waking up on top of a bullet train that one beam fast approaching will hit before seconds end. So people prefer to just quickly lie down and sleep on the comfort lies that makes people's lives continue and uninterrupted so everyone can go on to prioritize their basic needs.

For all its worth in a short life is to focus on love ones and family,friends are not even the priority,just posteriority.

When Heroes die,heroism died with them too. That won't sink in to us the ordinary. This post will pass by your wall in seconds and will be covered by posts that makes you laugh of give you mix emotions. The true importance of evolved humans is "ME, ME and ME" in using social media,Social Media is a ME time to get out of stress and anxiety. ME MY VOICE, MY OPINION and MY CHOICE. That is why it is called social"ME"dia.

The target of advertisers is all about "ME" in everybody.

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