featured in multiple output pages and accounts with increasing 120K followers

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Bloggers Journal Ph blog issues in this site will be featured in many different pages, sites and accounts with increasing 120K followers, subscribers, users and readers.

We choose the top picks of interesting and inspiring articles in our Journal and Share it to more than 120k of total Followers on our social media pages.

Because our social media posts reached 5.5 Millions viral post reach and Averaged more than 1.8 Million per week, we then decided to create a website to link posts from the website to our pages and accounts in social media sites ( with different names).

We just created the bloggersjournalph site in the last week of November 2019 and also NEW social media sites to add more wider coverage we believe we can also make it grow just like the success of our existing pages.

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