Thousands of Filipinos LOST JOBS and TO LOSE JOBS in 2020

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*ABS-CBN shutdown will worsen state of unemployment -

*Thousands of Filipinos to lose jobs as multinational companies TFT, Nokia,Honda, Wells Fargo, Nissan bare plans to move out of PH -

*Job Losses Drain Overseas Money That Helps Fuel the Philippines -

*MORE PH MASS LAYOFFS 2020: PAL 300;NFA 1,134;Public Nurses 7,000;Oceanagold 800;Tourism Thousands-(Philstar/

*PH braces for 26,000 OFWs arrivals next few weeks- Yahoo News

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DOTr chief -

*Philippine workers lose jobs, stocks plunge, shops close as pandemic hits economy -

*Manila lockdown cripples businesses big and small -

*Lockdown shutters 700 Luzon factories -

*23,000 more Filipino seafarers expected to come home due to COVID-19: OWWA | DZMM

*Over 4,600 Filipinos repatriated due to pandemic -

*400,000 OFWs seen to lose jobs -

Thousands of Filipinos to lose jobs as multinational companies bare plans to move out of PH

The announcements of several multinational companies that they will either downsize or shut down operations in the country shook the labor market of the Philippines these past few weeks. TFT lists down companies that announced their departures or downsizing of operations. Nokia The former phone giant Nokia confirmed that it will close its research and development unit in the country. Inquirer reported that Nokia Technology Center at UP Technohub in Quezon City will last until September 2020.

RELATED STORY: Filipina IT professional shares plight of job loss; emerging to Head of IT Around 700 engineers, IT professionals, and administrative staff will be affected with the closure. Nokia cited increasing operation expenses and its struggling performance in the market in its decision. Honda

Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) announced on February 22 that it will cease production at its facility in Sta. Rosa, Laguna effective March 2020.

“To meet Honda’s customer needs in the Philippines for reasonably priced and good-quality products, Honda considered efficient allocation and distribution of resources. As such, after consideration of optimization efforts in the production operations in Asia and Oceania region, Honda decided to close the manufacturing operations of HCPI,” its statement read. The automobile company said global market slowdown and shift in automotive technology drove them to close its Sta.Rosa plant, AutoVisor reported. A total of 387 workers affected will be compensated according to the company’s spokesman Atty. Louie Soriano. Wells Fargo Wells Fargo announced that it will downsize its information technology-business processes management operations in the country. One of the largest banks in the world said it will lay off 700 workers, leaving only 50 tech jobs in the country. It will transfer most of the 700 jobs to India as part of its major restructuring efforts to consolidate operations and cut staff. Nissan The Sta.Rosa facility of Nissan is at risk of shutting down as the automobile company announced that will cut down 12,500 jobs globally. The company suffered 28% loss in its annual operating profit.  Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa said that the company ‘has reached the rock bottom’ and it will do efforts to overhaul the company. Autodeal reported that Nissan eyes ceasing production plants in southeast Asia to reduce production costs putting Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan at risk.


400,000 OFWs seen to lose jobs

A research paper by Ateneo de Manila University projected recently that about 300,000 to 400,000 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) could be affected by layoffs and salary cuts due to the expected shutdown of offices abroad brought about by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

This will translate into a decline of cash remittances from overseas Filipinos by roughly 10 to 20 percent or between $3 billion to $6 billion this year due to the crises wrought by the pandemic that resulted in falling oil prices in the Middle East.

These were the initial assumptions made by two academicians from the Ateneo and the University of Santo Tomas in their paper presented to the Ateneo de Manila Center for Economic Research and Development (ACERD). The paper was titled the “Possible Economic Implications of Failing Oil Prices, the Pandemic and the Looming Global Recession onto the Overseas Filipinos and their Remittances.”

Job Losses Drain Overseas Money That Helps Fuel the Philippines

Remittances to the Philippines reached $30 billion last year, making it one of the biggest foreign-exchange earners after exports. Remittances amount to about 10% of the country’s gross domestic product, a far higher proportion than in places like India and China, which also have vast numbers of citizens working abroad.

More than 2 million Filipinos, from a total population of about 100 million, head abroad for work each year,most as laborers or service and sales staff. The country also supplies a quarter of the world’smerchant marineworkforce.

workers, “who were already in the margins even before the outbreak, have now fallen or are in real danger of falling off the cracks as governments abandon us to fend for our health and economic needs,” the groups said. The government “has made our situation worse with its absence of comprehensive assistance plan during lockdown as well as inaction on our concerns in countries where we live and work.”

Requests for comment from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, part of the Department of Labor and Employment, went unanswered. In a statement Sunday, the department said it had assisted nearly 26,000 workers stuck overseas, and that another 30,000 had applied for benefits under a 1.5-billion peso government assistance program for displaced workers.


ABS-CBN shutdown will worsen state of unemployment

"Shutting down the network will merely worsen the current aggravating state of unemployment andunder employmentsituation of the city and the country as a whole," said Cordero said in a statement. That equates to some 11,000 workers whoare seento lose their jobs.

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Wala nang Maipadala ang mga OFW na nawalan ng Trabaho dahil sa COVID19 Pandemic

PH braces for 26,000 OFWs arrivals next few weeks-Yahoo News

Over 4,600 Filipinos repatriated due to coronavirus outbreak


Thousands of Filipinos to Lose Jobs as More Companies to Move Out of PH after Lockdown

MORE PH MASS LAYOFFS 2020: PAL 300;NFA 1,134;Public Nurses 7,000;Oceanagold 800;Tourism Thousands

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Thousands More Filipinos to Lose Jobs as Nokia, Honda,Nissan & WellsFargo will Leave Ph by 2020

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Duterte: Allow illegal Chinese to work here

President Rodrigo Duterte would rather allow illegal Chinese workers here to stay, as deporting them might trigger tit for tat that could affect 300,000 Filipinos in China.

“The Chinese here, just let them work here. Just let them. Why? We have 300,000 Filipinos in China,” the President said.

“That’s why I cannot just say, ‘Leave. I will deport you.’ What if the 300,000 are suddenly kicked out?” he said.

The President’s remarks came after the Bureau of Immigration called in all foreigners working in the Philippines for a head count following reports that thousands of Chinese are entering the country as tourists but are disappearing in Chinese-controlled industries as illegal workers.

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