United Kingdom, Ireland, U.A.E. & U.S.A Honors Filipino Frontliners Saving People's Lives


The Filipino nurses, frontliners in this raging COVID-19 pandemic, got a rare salute from no less than one of the top leaders of the world: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Premier Johnson, who had just battled the coronavirus, was seen in a T-shirt emblazoned with the word PHILIPPINES in bold letters, just after doing a jogging run and was trying to inconspicuously enter his offices.

It was a silent accolade to the Filipino nurse’s indomitable spirit to provide care and compassion and love to those they attend to, while far away from their motherland, and laboring to deliver what they have recited in their oath as nurses.

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UK PM Boris Johnson believed to be wearing PH t-shirt to honor Filipino frontliners

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was spotted wearing a Philippine tourism shirt while jogging in the morning of May 21, allegedly as a tribute to Filipino frontliners.

Johnson, who has contracted the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in April, was seen wearing a white shirt with the word “Philippines” printed on it. Many believe it was a move to honor the many Filipino health workers who are working at the country’s National Health Service (NHS) to help in the fight against the disease.

Overseas Filipino Workers both in the UK and across the globe have expressed their gratitude for the Prime Minister’s way of tribute, with many saying that it is a big deal for Filipino frontliners to be appreciated by a high-ranking official.

Boris recently commended the Filipino medical workers in the country, calling them “unsung heroes” and “extraordinary workforce.”

“These are the immigrants currently saving people’s lives, coming here and enriching our country and doing an amazing job. Thank you to all Filipinos who are here doing an amazing work and to every other immigrant working at NHS. I hope at the end of this, perhaps we have a different feeling about what immigration has done of this country,” he said.

Source: https://filipinotimes.net/news/2020/05/23/uk-pm-boris-johnson-believed-to-be-wearing-ph-t-shirt-to-honor-filipino-frontliners/?fbclid=IwAR2BAgJKZX5wRpOR6QgLjLrW7EDGY5fVbICDDKSyQuYgfJBr3Xc5JdqWpr4

Piers Morgan lauds Filipino nurses in UK as ‘unsung heroes’ in COVID-19 fight

British journalist and television personality Piers Morgan commended the “outstanding care” of Filipino nurses in the United Kingdom battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

During a Good Morning Britain telecast on Tuesday, Morgan acknowledged several Filipino nurses working for the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), a publicly-funded healthcare system in England.

“It’s worth bearing in mind when we talk about immigrants in this country, these are the immigrants currently saving people’s lives. Coming here and actually enriching our country and doing an amazing job,” the anchor said.

“So thank you to all the Filipinos who are here doing all this amazing work and to every other working in the NHS currently. I hope at the end of this, we’ll have a, perhaps a different sentiment, a different feeling about what immigration has done for this country,” he added.

Source: https://globalnation.inquirer.net/186653/piers-morgan-lauds-filipino-nurses-in-uk-as-unsung-heroes-in-covid-19-fight

US honors Filipino, American frontliners as it celebrates friendship day with PH

The United States of America honored Filipino and American frontliners responding to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic as the two nations marked the Philippine-American Friendship Day Saturday, July 4.

As the United States marked its 244th Independence Day, it also celebrated the “long history of collaboration and friendship between the two nations on Philippine-American Friendship Day.”

“While we may be socially distancing due to the ongoing pandemic, Americans and Filipinos stand united as we partner to fight the spread COVID-19 and support heroic frontline responders,” US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim said in a message. 

“A special thanks to the Filipino and American frontline responders for your bravery and dedicated service in these challenging times,” the ambassador added.

The American diplomat also highlighted the US-Philippines partnership during these trying times, saying that the collaboration between two nations is “as relevant and important today as it ever was.”

“Together, we are creating education and leadership opportunities for the youth, developing new trade and investment opportunities that create jobs and spur economic growth, protecting marine resources, and supporting peace and security,” Kim said. 

Source: https://mb.com.ph/2020/07/04/us-honors-filipino-american-frontliners-as-it-celebrates-friendship-day-with-ph/?fbclid=IwAR3myiWOp8MftSdFfljdgM_jz4K5MWnjeJqmM8A2rE4wA5FzX122NviHVS4#:~:text=The%20United%20States%20of%20America,Friendship%20Day%20Saturday%2C%20July%204


LONDON 17 June 2020 — Philippine Ambassador to the United Kingdom Antonio M. Lagdameo  delivered his speech during the first virtual flag raising ceremony in commemoration of the 122nd anniversary of Philippine Independence on 12 June 2020. This year’s celebration focused on the theme, “Kalayaan 2020: Tungo sa bansang malaya, nagbabayanihan, at ligtas (Independence Day 2020: Towards a free, united, and safe nation).

In his speech, Ambassador Lagdameo lauded the courage, resilience, and compassion of the Filipino frontliners in the UK and Ireland in confronting the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic that ripped through both countries since February 2020.

“Filipinos have taken center stage to inspire courage and perseverance wherever they are—be it in the COVID wards and ICUs of the hospitals, in various care homes, aboard fishing boats and oil tankers, at the supermarkets and factories, in the transportation, sanitation, and social welfare offices of local governments, in law enforcement, and in various volunteering roles, that bring material assistance and moral support to those who suffer under the lockdown,” he said. “They are heroes because they are able to conquer their fears and fight not just for themselves but for those who depend on them,” he added.

Various Filipino community organisations tuned in to the event through Zoom while the officers of the Embassy gathered on-site to lead the celebration.

Across the UK and Ireland, Filipino community organisations also celebrated Philippine Independence through various events and programs that were compliant with current measures being implemented by the UK and Ireland to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. END

Source: https://www.dfa.gov.ph/dfa-news/news-from-our-foreign-service-postsupdate/26987-kalayaan-2020-in-uk-ireland-honors-courage-and-strength-of-filipino-pandemic-frontliners

'Recognition for frontliners': Pinay nurse in UAE inspired by conversation with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince

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Jessa Dawn Ubag says she considered her video conference with His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as a 'recognition of the Filipino community in the UAE, along with all frontliners'

A nurse from the Philippines who recently had the  privilege to speak with the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince said their conversation has inspired her to become "a better instrument of hope."

Filipina nurse Jessa Dawn Ubag  in an Emirates News Agency (ENA) report published on Friday, May 28, that she considered her video conference with His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as "a recognition of the Filipino community in the UAE along with all frontliners."

Ubag, who hails from Dumaguete City, is a 31-year-old  a staff nurse at the Infectious Disease Unit of Rashid Hospital in Dubai. She had a conversation with Sheikh Mohamed in the third episode of the Sheikh’s virtual "majlis" on May 13.  

In Arab culture, majlis is a casual venue where community members gather to discuss local events and issues, exchange news, receive guests and socialize.

"We believe that we are an instrument of hope to give spiritual, mental and emotional support to our patients in time of despair. That’s why when Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince personally appreciated me, I felt he was recognizing all nurses for spreading hope," Ubag told the ENA on Friday.

"His words have inspired me and my fellow nurses to spread more hope to patients and community at large. We nurses felt that we are somewhat heroes in our own small way. It has inspired me to be a better nurse and a better instrument of hope," she added.

Source: https://rappler.com/nation/fiipina-nurse-conversation-abu-dhabi-crown-prince

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