(VIRAL POST)LOOK:Spotted Three frontliners braving to pedal the whole stretch of Talamban road.

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LOOK: Spotted Three frontliners (2 nurses and an orderly) braving to pedal the whole stretch of Talamban road. When they rested, i approached and asked them from which hospital they're from.

I'm shocked to know that they came way back from Chong Hua in Fuente... They said that there are service buses for them but they chose freely to ride their bikes because the bus ride didn't match well with their duty schedule.

Whats more interesting, i noticed their bikes were kinda identical, i asked them if it was rented. They said it was given to them by a certain lawyer.

*akoy naluoy para nila..( naawa ako sa kanila)

I hope matagaan pa ni sila ug saktong pagtagad sa gobyerno.

And para atong good samaritan na abogado, saludo ko nimo...dako maau kag natabang.

(I hope matulungan sila ng gobyerno,sa good samaritan saludo po ako sayo.Malaki po naitulong mo)

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