WONDER WOMAN vs. DARNA ; The Online Fight of an Epic Super Heroine's Fans Battle

Who wins and who gets knocked out in the Epic Fans Battle? Join the Fight, defend your Super heroine and Show your support in the comments section. Your words are your Super Heroine's power in this online battle.

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Wonder Woman Vs. Darna


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KENNY C: reading about Darna on Wikipedia i was thinking the opposite, that wonder-woman was a rip off or inspired by Darna. Darna was published later but invented before in 1939 as varga and according to wikipedia the creator Mars Revelo shopped around his heroine, even to united states publishers who dismissed the female super hero idea. Did he meet with dc publishers that remembered his concept and gave suggestion to Marston. did he show concept art, the headpiece. I know of stories where music producers send demos to producers that reject them and mysteriously have similar sounding music later. wonder woman did not come out until 1941, Mars Ravelo created the first images of Darna before World War II (late 1939) its a possibility that some cross pollination happened? And i also believe some back inspiration made ravelo fashion her costume similar to wonderwoman as darna maybe as a nod to the publishers of wonder woman telling them he knew they took his concept.


SUPREMO: Lol! Is it true that the original name of wonder woman was SUPREMA -the WONDER WOMAN?? Is it true that is was Mars Ravelos concept..?? So if it is true so Darna is original..??there is also a superhero woman in DC comics named Suprema..sounds filipina...is it true that the name Diana is Mars Ravelo concept??oh no...is it true that Suprema was came first before Varga and Darna..?? I just read it from an article in google..you search **ernees corner** you will read there the history of Suprema...unbelievable! So why then thier so trying hard to convinced us that Darna is a rip off if ur wonder woman is a filipina superheroine.??.so confusing..so who is copycat now??

Wonder Woman Vs. Darna

Raffy Arcega vs. J.P. Canonigo

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RAFFY ARCEGA: ...despite what people saw in those 2 movies from the 1990's, DARNA IS NOT A "WONDER WOMAN COPYCAT." Although I looked forward to seeing those movies at first, I always ended up being disappointed because those films attempted to "reinvent" Darna in Wonder Woman's image. Those 2 movies both depicted Darna using her "bracelets to deflect bullets: when she was fired upon by thugs. They also tweaked her costume to make her look more like Wonder Woman (by taking away her helmet and replacing it with a "Wonder Woman style" headband/tiara that had her golden winged medallion in the middle) rather than remain true to her original look. These unnecessary changes did not in any way make these 2 movies any better because aside from being not well conceptualized, they also lacked the soul that the earlier Darna movies had: Darna's own identity. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/other/darna-is-not-a-rip-off-of-wonder-woman-a8579


J.P. CANONIGO: .response to Raffy Arcega Article..they still claimed its original and based on the komiks classic. But the fact is that Darna resembles Wonder Woman in every aspect. Even the costumes of both heroines are strikingly similar. The fact that Wonder Woman first appeared in the comic book in December 1941 means that it pre-dated Darna by 6 years since Mr. Ravelo gave life to Darna in 1947 under the original name "Varga." At that time, American influence in local pop culture is quite evident and so its not surprising that American comic book superheroes are "ready-made templates" for aspiring Filipino comic book artists and writers. In that case, the pre-Darna Varga looks original but as the series picked up, she assumed the identity that looks like Wonder Woman. Its ok to emulate other characters after all many comic book artists had their influences but claiming it as original is a different story. https://istoryadista.blogspot.com/2011/09/pinoy-komiks-debate-is-darna-wonder.html


J.P Canonigo VS. Adam Fuqua&Mendiola Julian


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J.P. Canonigo: Exhibit 1, Darna has the similar red costume of Wonder Woman. Though without the lasso, Darna has similar superhuman strength and flying ability as Wonder Woman. You are the judge.

Exhibit 2 shows Wonder Woman, take note that both women look identically the same.


Adam Fuqua: You've got a few facts glaringly wrong. Wonder Woman's powers and costume only recently came to more closely resemble Darna's. Originally, Wonder Woman's costume was more blue than anything (but did have red and white and gold in it to resemble the American flag). At the time Darna was created, Wonder Woman could not fly. She was fast and strong and could tie people up to make them tell the truth. That's it. All her other powers that more closely resemble Darna (being bullet proof, flying, even greater strength like Superman) didn't come about until the 80s. Considering the number of filipinos working in the American comic industry in the intervening years, it's quite possible that these aspects were taken from Darna. It's more likely, however, they were inspired by the same sources. Like virtually all super-heroes to greater or lesser extent, they were both inspired by Superman and Captain Marvel.

Mendiola Julian: Actually Darna is not a Wonder Woman rip-off. Darna is based on Mars Ravelo's real life hero, his Mother.

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